k . c a m p b e l l



Hey! I'm Kristine, a self taught artist, designer and seamstress in living in Chicago, IL. While the mediums I use to create my work varies, as a whole it reflects the inspiration I pull from my everyday life and the people in it. Using my attention to detail and balance, love of color and texture to bring these narratives and characters to life in life's otherwise mundane objects and settings.

I've spent the better part of the past decade teaching myself skills ranging from acrylic & oil painting, upholstery & home decor, to couture wedding gowns and ready-to-wear garments. In 2016 I completed my first mural in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago. Like most things I've taken on, I had never done one before, but I truly live for the challenges, opportunities, successes & failures that each new project brings on! 

When I'm not working in my studio, you can find me eating my favorite beet burger and fries at Ground Control, hanging with my twin(and niece), in deep in a gif heavy family group text, making cool art with my top notch art crew, dancing in my living room, avoiding cilantro or running around parks with my doggo Emerson.